Missing a bit of sweetness? Wait no more! This 3
of flavors is my favorite - chocolate, caramel,
& vanilla! Add to your coffee, milk, almond milk, -
I've even used the caramel on top of a chocolate
mug cake!!!
Sweetened with Stevia!
A granular sweetener that measures 1:1 to sugar.
Adds just the right amount of sweetness to your
coffee, mug cakes, fat bombs, etc.
A liquid sweetener that is very concentrated! I LOVE
this in my tea! It's tough to be without Southern
Sweet Tea in the Texas heat!! This is so good, you
won't miss the sugar spike or crash!!
I love this drinking chocolate for a little after-dinner
drink. I mix it with almond milk for a guilt-free treat!
I use coconut oil for so much!! I brush my teeth with
it, use it on dry skin, add to coffee, put on dry
doggie skin, bake with it, remove eye make-up...
This large jar lasts a long time!
This maple syrup is soooooooo good!! There is no
weird aftertaste! I love this with peanut butter or on
top of coconut blondies!! A little goes a long way!
Get a
3 pack here.
Test your ketone output!
An everyday treat! Our doggies LOVE these crunchy
treats! And, they have real bone marrow!!
These small, soft liver treats are perfect for your puppy or
adult dog!! I have had great success teaching sit, stand,
and names with these!
Our heavy chewers love these balls!! They can't pop
Our power chewers like to chase after and chew on this
fillable toy.
I love using a mechanical pencil that writes in COLOR!!
These are very useful for sketching 3D shapes!
Another sketching/engineering notebook must-have!
erasable pens write so well, I use them all the time!
If you like a little foam in your coffee or milk, this tool is
perfect!! I also use it like a
wisk for mixing powered cocoa
in my almond milk!
This gadget holds my hair with minimal crimping!
Barnwood frame 11" x 14"
Barnwood frame 8" x 10"
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